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Gullsweep Hanging

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Imported and Distributed throughout Australia by Marine Solutions, the innovative Gullsweep® bird scarer is a cost-effective and convenient means of ridding your boat of sea birds and their messy deposits!

A Hanging Gullsweep is the ideal solution for sailboats where a bottom mounting is not practical.

Simply string a line between the mast and the back stay or even the fore stay. The line should be taut to support the Hanging Gullsweep (which weights less than 1 lb.), and have a loop knot in the center to hook the Gullsweep to.

The Hanging Gullsweep is fully assembled and ready to work. It comes with a center support rod with a mounting eye on the top, as well as on the bottom. The top eye has a snap fitting to hook onto a support line. The bottom eye is to accept a tether line so the Gullsweep will not over gyrate in a heavy wind. The bottom line can be a light one, and loose (not tight), as it does not support anything. It merely keeps the Hanging Gullsweep relatively vertical and stable. That bottom line could be tied around the boom which would be directly under the Hanging Gullsweep.

The (2) vane rods should be unfolded so they cross in opposite directions and lay flat and parallel to each other forming a 4ft length with a vane on each end. Check to see that the vanes are out of the storage position (on top of the rod) and are snapped down off the rod into the working position (see general instructions).

Your Hanging Gullsweep is ready to be hung. When attaching it to a line, be sure it is high enough and has sufficient room to rotate. The bottom eye on the support rod can be used to attach a light line which will assure the Gullsweep will not swing around in a heavy wind. This bottom straightening line should not be tight and could be secured around the boom to help stabilize the Gullsweep.

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