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1 Top Gear Teak Deck Wash

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Top Gear teak deck wash part a cleans teak decks with no harmful chemicals. The wash is gentle, non caustic and biodegradable.

When used regularly it will kill mould, algae and remove most timber contamination.


Product Size: 1 Litre


Use with:

2 Top Gear Teak Deck Brightener

Top Gear Teak Deck Brightener is a neutralizer and brightener to be used only after the deck has been thoroughly washed.

Teak Deck Brightener will brighten and restore the natural teak timber colour and enhance the overall look of your vessel.


3 Top Gear Teak Deck Sealer

Top Gear Teak Deck Sealer will add a protective coating to your teak deck and protect it from the wear and tear from salt water, wash and weather.

Teak Deck Sealer will add a protective coating to your teak, and preserve the teak color for a period of time. When washing a teak deck treated with Teak Deck Sealer, you will be washing the surface of the sealer instead of wearing the timber.

Use only a thin layer of Teak Deck Sealer, as the deck might otherwise become slippery.



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