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Fender Cover Black

Fender Covers Black FC01 (2 Pack)

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High quality Fender Covers made from UV-stabilised fabric and available in Navy or Black. These covers not only add to the appearance of your boat, but serve a very functional purpose.

By using these covers your fenders are protected from the environment and remain free and clean of build up. What’s more, the abrasive scratching caused by fenders is replaced by a soft cover which invariably polishes rather than damages your hull.

Apart from being practical, covers for your fenders also look great. They come in Navy or Black to suit your vessel’s trim.



FC01 15cm (W) x 56cm (L) Navy, Black
FC02 23cm (W) x 56cm (L) Navy, Black
FC03 23cm (W) x 76cm (L) Navy, Black
FC05 30cm (W) x 76cm (L) Navy, Black
FCLarge 33cm (W) x 91cm (L) Navy, Black

Before purchasing your Fendercovers it is important to get the correct sizing for your vessels fenders.
This can be done in 2 ways:
1. In most cases, the fenders will have a distinguishable size written on the fender near the tip. It may be a size in inches or centimetres but simply match this to the size chart above to work out which cover is right for you.
2. In the event that the size marking is not there you will need to measure the fender yourself. Measure the distance from tip to tip first and then measure the circumference of the fender.
It is essential that you have correctly inflated fenders before purchasing Fendercovers. Apart from not providing the proper protection for your vessel, over inflated fenders become stretched and will cause your Fender covers to be hard to fit and may cause some damage to them.

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