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Burke Inflatable Lifejacket Manual

$ 99.00



Australian Standard AS4758.1 approved to Level 150, this all-purpose inflatable PFD is the perfect companion to a vast array of activities, from rock fishing to offshore sailing.

It is available in both Automatic (ISSA1501) and Manual (ISSM1500) inflation with a pull cord to trigger the 33 gram CO2 cylinder. The automatic model will inflate when submerged in water, but as a back-up, it is also equipped with an oral inflation tube. Suitable for body mass of 40kg and over.

- Level 150 Australian Standard AS4758.1 Approved
- Available in either Manual or Automatic CO2 Gas Inflation
- Rated 150 Newtons of Buoyancy
- Easy to Adjust Waistband
- UML Firing Mechanism
- Retro Reflective Tape
- Grab Strap
- Oral Inflation/Deflation Tube
- Whistle
- Suitable for Body Mass of 40kg and Over


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